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The company’s story officially began in 1947 when the first Ferrari emerged from the historic factory entrance on Via Abetone Inferiore in Maranello...

The 125 S, as it was known, embodied the passion and determination of the company’s founder. Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena on February 18th 1898 and passed away on August 14th 1988. He devoted his entire life to designing and building sports cars and, of course, to the track. Having been made an official Alfa Romeo driver in 1924, within five years he went on to found the Scuderia Ferrari on Viale Trento Trieste in Modena, which assisted mostly gentlemen drivers in racing their cars. In 1938, Enzo Ferrari was appointed head of Alfa Corse, but quit the position in 1939 to set up his own company, Auto Avio Costruzioni, which operated out of the old Scuderia buildings.  Ferrari has garnered over 5,000 victories on the world’s tracks and roads, becoming a modern-day legend in the process.

Hexagon Classics is one of the oldest and most trusted classic car dealers in the world.  Hexagon dealt with the Ferrari Factory – and Enzo Ferrari himself – in 1972 when Hexagon purchased an F1 car and have maintained a relationship with the factory since that time. Hexagon continue to be keen followers of the marque and offer some of the best classic Ferraris to be found anywhere.