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1955 Aston Martin DB2-4 Mk II Notchback by Tickford







The need to widen the appeal of the already-successful DB2 resulted in the launch in October 1953 of the 2+2 DB 2/4 “Notchback”. Extensive revisions to the car’s rear end arrangements made room for two occasional seats and more luggage space with easier rear compartment access via the hatchback rear door. In addition, a raised roofline, one-piece windscreen, larger bumpers and other detail styling changes differentiated the newcomer from its predecessor. The W O Bentley-designed 3-litre produces 140bhp engine with the car’s top speed of 118mph (190km/h) with 60mph (97km/h) and reached in around 11 seconds.

While mechanically very little different from its predecessor the DB2/4 Mk II, the car is readily identifiable by its subtly altered lines, the most significant change being a ¾” increase in roof height that afforded greater headroom. Flashing indicators and discreet tail fins made an appearance, as did chromed trim strips running from the front wheel arch tops to the door shuts, below which the bonnet sides were now fixed, thus lightening the bonnet assembly. Interior improvements included better seats and a proper fly-off handbrake.  Thirty Four DB2/4 fixed-head coupés were produced, with only 16 delivered in the UK.

# AM.300/1103 was first registered on the 25th of November 1955 and commissioned to be built in Bayard Crimson with a Devon Stone Roof and trimmed with Connolly Bros Beige Hide; the car remains today complete with its original engine, colour scheme and was the very first DB2/4 Mk ll Hardtop Coupe manufactured.

According to the AMOC register, the Aston was first used as the works demonstrator, before being sold to a Mr J Kennedy of Ealing, West London. In 1978 the motorcar was acquired by a Mr K T N Barnicoat of Toronto, Canada. The Aston Martin remained in his enthusiastic custodianship until 1994, in which time he carefully restored the entire car, culminating in him winning the AMOC Autumn Concours at Bitsmorton Court, 1st place for Feltham built motorcars. The car continued to be lovingly maintained by its subsequent owners and benefited from a £17,000 restoration in California by Kevin Kay Restorations in 2007/2008.

Accompanying the car is its historical chassis file containing, original build sheets and
various mechanical invoices from 1979. Hexagon Classics are proud to offer for sale this totally concours DB2/4 Mk II hardtop coupé which was one of only sixteen UK supplied

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