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On July 16, 2019, Lotus Cars unveiled the Evija (pronounced: Evv-eye-ah), an all electric hypercar. The name Evija means “The living one” or “The first one in existence”, which is appropriate because the Evija is set to lead a rebirth of the company. Before going further into the car itself, I just have to stop, breath a sigh of relief, and say “Finally!” out loud. I have always admired Lotus for their pioneering designs in Formula 1, and their lightweight road cars that handled well and punched well above their weight in terms of performance. When Lotus unveiled the Esprit concept, alongside their various other concepts back in 2010, I was excited for a new era for Lotus, but unfortunately that never came to fruition. With the Evija, however, that new era for Lotus is here, and it is here with style.