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Paint Protection

“Hexagon Classics now offer a revolutionary new Paint Protection Spray service. Not only does it offer your vehicle’s paintwork total protection against stone chips, scratches, dirt and road grime, it is self-healing should any damage occur and is available in range of finishes and colours, offering you the opportunity to customise your vehicle.   

Many of our customers have extolled the virtues of having paint protection film applied to their vehicles, the process offering invisible protection against stone chips, road rash and general dirt and grime while keeping the paintwork in pristine condition underneath. In fact, many of the vehicles we sell leave our showroom and head straight to vehicle detailers and paint protection film firms for such products to be applied before their new owners get behind the wheel for the first time. 

However, traditional paint protection films do have their drawbacks. The regular style of film cannot be stretched, an issue on sharp corners and edges, and the pre-cut style of film, while less time consuming to apply and thus cheaper, results in exposed edges being left around each segment, areas of paintwork not only vulnerable to damage but places where unsightly dirt and grime can collect. Furthermore, the film can exacerbate the ‘orange peel’ effect of modern paints and cannot be polished or treated to rectify this or enhance paintwork gloss.   

Having witnessed these drawbacks first hand, and having listened to customer feedback on other paint protection solutions, we decided we needed to offer a service here at Hexagon Classics that met not only our high expectations but those of our discerning customers too. 

The Paint Protection Spray service we offer is quite different to traditional paint protection films, being in our opinion significantly superior. The process involves a state of the art, clear plastic polymer coating being sprayed on to the car’s paintwork in layers, much like regular paint, which is then left to cure. Once dry, we then apply a second formulation which gives the plastic polymer coating a deep gloss appearance. These coatings form a totally clear yet very strong, elastic barrier which protects the vehicles paintwork from stone chips, scratches, dirt and general road grime, while not hindering the appearance of the paintwork’s colour or gloss. 

Should any stone chips or surface abrasions occur, the coating possesses the unique ability to be healed simply by being heated. Furthermore, and possibly the most exciting benefit of our Paint Protection Spray, we can apply the coating in any colour of your choosing, be it metallic or solid, opening up a whole world of personalization options. Should you wish to change the colour of the coating, or remove the product altogether from your vehicle, it can easily be peeled off without leaving any residue behind, something that certainly can’t be said of traditional paint protection films.