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Highly respected financial and business news website, Business Insider, recently published a list of '11 vintage cars that make particularly good investments'. The piece covers the fashion in which certain collectible classic cars rise in value as they age – bucking the trend for older vehicles to fall in worth. Business Insider offers a list of classic and modern classic vehicles that it suggests would be "wise to scoop up" sooner rather than later.

Amongst the cars listed are a few Hexagon Classics stalwarts, including the Jaguar E Type – ranking at number two, Business Insider says of the classic Jaguar: 'These British classics are only increasing in value.' The hot tip listed at number five by Business Insider is the Porsche 911, of which it comments: 'Carrera, Turbo, RS and limited production models are the ones to look out for'. Amongst the other marques mentioned come a raft of further brands familiar to Hexagon Classics; BMW, Ford and Mercedes-Benz.

In case you were wondering – and we're sure you are – top of the Business Insider list of wise investments comes the original Fiat 500. Hexagon Classics currently has a very rare iteration in stock. Our original 1973 Fiat 500K, or Giardiniera, has a low mileage and simply unrepeatable provenance. The 500K or Giardiniera model accounted for approximately three percent of total Fiat 500 production, making surviving examples extremely rare and sought-after.

You can read the full article from Business Insider here