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Selling a classic or sports car can be more challenging compared to selling a regular car. The target market for these vehicles is often different, and factors such as their unique characteristics, historical significance, and limited production numbers can make their valuation and sale more complex.

Consulting a specialist dealer like Hexagon Classics can certainly be beneficial in ensuring that your vehicle is carefully appraised and positioned in the market correctly. Specialist dealers often have extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with classic and sports cars. They understand the nuances of these vehicles, their historical context, and their appeal to collectors and enthusiasts.

Here are some reasons why selling your classic or sports car to a specialist dealer like Hexagon Classics would be a good decision.

Expertise and market knowledge

Specialist dealers have in-depth knowledge of the classic and sports car market. They can accurately appraise your vehicle, considering factors such as its condition, provenance, rarity, and demand, They are well-versed in pricing trends on specific marques and can offer you a fair and accurate market price accordingly.

Targeted marketing and networking

Specialist dealers have access to a network of potential buyers globally who specifically seek classic and sports cars to add to their collections. They know where and how to market your vehicle effectively, utilising their connections, online platforms, events, and publications that cater to the target audience. This exposure increases the chances of finding the right buyer for your car.

Established reputation and trust

Reputable specialist dealers such as Hexagon Classics have a track record of successfully buying and selling classic and sports cars. Their established reputation in the industry can instill confidence in potential buyers, making the sales process smoother and more secure. Buyers often feel more comfortable dealing with trusted dealers as they can be assured that each car is thoroughly inspected, has any issues resolved and overall is a safe, high investment purchase.

Documentation handling and safety

Specialist dealers are experienced in handling the necessary paperwork and documentation required for the sale of classic and sports cars - from ownership transfer to assistance in removing your cherished registration - taking the stress out of selling your car. A specialist dealer will also ensure that the selling transaction is fully documented and that the payment is received in a timely fashion, usually immediately, subject to bank security checks.

Hexagon Classics have a vast experience in all aspects of the specialist car market and are always looking for low mileage and special model Ferrari’s, Porsches, Mercedes and other specialist cars, such as Bugatti Veyron’s.

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