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Owning a classic car is one dream that can come true – whether it is transforming a scale model into driving reality, or turning your favourite poster car into your real life weekend car. However to make this dream come true, there are several important aspects that you need to consider before purchasing your classic car.

Generally speaking, classic cars are at least 20 years old and over £20,000 in value. However, age and value alone do not make a car a ‘classic’; certain models have become iconic and are considered as classic cars regardless. As well as being a high value investment, classic cars are known to appreciate in value, as long as they are well maintained, both mechanically and cosmetically.

Hexagon Classics takes a closer look at what to look for when buying a classic car, to ensure you purchase a sound investment.

Comprehensive paperwork

There are many online vehicle checks available (such as HPI) which scrutinise the history checking for adverse information held against the car, such as whether it was stolen, previously written off, or has any outstanding finance. As these vehicle checks only became comprehensive in 2006, it is worth checking physical paperwork and service history records to ensure it tallies with your classic car’s current status. A motor dealer or previous owner should be able to provide historic documents and paperwork, including previous MOTs, service and maintenance work and of course the all-important logbook (V5C). When there are many examples of a classic car to choose from, a car with a good paper trail can be worth up to 20 per cent more than an identical car without. So it is worth bearing in mind for an investment grade classic car.

Buy from a trustworthy classic car dealer

A classic car can be a large investment and therefore buying from a trusted classic car dealer is often the best way of ensuring you have peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. When researching for a trusted classic car dealer it is worth looking at their reputation through online reviews, recommendations and testimonials and whether the classic car dealer has an in-house repair and restoration facility, as this will ensure that the car you buy is in its best condition, ready for use. As well as having some of the finest classic cars in the world, Hexagon Classics’ preparation team carries out a full and detailed inspection on every vehicle prior to sale, ensuring that it is in the best overall condition, both mechanically and cosmetically. Hexagon’s buying team are extremely selective when it comes to sourcing classic cars, making it a completely stress free experience for their customers.

Parts and maintenance

Classic cars undoubtedly need a lot more love and attention, when it comes to maintenance. It can be sometimes difficult to source OEM parts and second hand parts often prove to be a false economy, as the quality and longevity could be variable. Tyres to suit classic cars can also be challenging to find, so it makes sense to consult the experts. After decades of experience in service and maintenance, Hexagon Classics are specialists in sourcing rare and hard to find parts for vehicles for all marques, to ensure that your classic car is road-ready in good time.

Peace of mind

Classic cars naturally need more love and affection than modern cars, therefore it is always advisable to have an expert assessment carried out on your classic car, to ensure that it is structurally sound and has been well maintained.

Hexagon Classics offers a full inspection service on your vehicle’s overall health to locate any issues that may prevent you from fully enjoying your classic car. At our aftersales facilities in Fortis Green, North London, our factory trained experts at Hexagon Classics offer this important service to owners of classic cars.          .

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