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Living with a classic Porsche 911 can be a thrilling and unique experience, as the 911 is one of the most iconic sports cars in automotive history. The Porsche 911 is often referred to as more than just a car. It is the harmonious integration of pure engineering and design that makes it the perfect drivers car. With a particular speciality in collectible air-cooled Porsches, Hexagon takes a closer look on what to consider when living with a classic Porsche 911.

Driving Experience
The driving experience of a classic Porsche 911 is characterised by its rear-engine layout, precise handling, and the unmistakable flat-six engine note. The feeling of driving a classic 911 is often described as pure and engaging with everything centred around the driver. Thanks to its sporting pedigree, the 911 is often referred to as a drivers car, as they lack modern driving aids and technologies, such as ABS, power steering and traction control. This makes owning and driving a 911 a pure joy to drive. 

Maintenance Commitment
The Porsche 911 is a car that was designed without any compromises and therefore regular maintenance is essential to keep your classic 911 running smoothly. Finding an air-cooled Porsche specialist such as Hexagon Classics is key, who understand the intricacies of older Porsches and make maintenance and repairs more manageable.

Investment Potential
Classic Porsche 911s, especially well-preserved, low mileage models or rare variants, have a strong history of appreciating in value. If you choose the right model and maintain it meticulously, it could potentially become a valuable investment-grade car.

Driving vs. Collecting
The first port of call will be to decide whether you want to primarily drive your classic 911 or if it will be a well preserved, collector's item. Driving a classic Porsche 911 is in a class of its own and therefore, it is important to enjoy that unique Porsche feeling and make memories. Hexagon Classics recommends balancing usage and preservation is important to maintain the car's condition and value. 

Parts Availability
While Porsche has a strong commitment to heritage and support for older models, some parts for classic 911s might be challenging to find. Research parts availability and consider joining Porsche clubs or online communities to connect with fellow owners who might have insights. It is also worth consulting Porsche specialists such as Hexagon Classics who can help source rare parts for maintenance or repair that is carried out at their workshop.

Owning a classic Porsche 911 can be a rewarding journey that lets you experience the essence of driving and automotive culture from a special era. Sourcing the perfect classic 911 and finding the best example can prove to be a challenge. Hexagon Classics specialises in low mileage air-cooled Porsche 911’s with a particular focus on investment-grade cars. For a discussion about an investment you can cherish and enjoy, see our stock list on our website or call us on 0208 348 5151 for a discussion.