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Five Unknown Facts About Porsche

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Porsche holds a special place in automotive history and enthusiasts' hearts for several reasons. As well as producing some of the most iconic sports cars, there are many interesting facts about Porsche that are unknown. Hexagon Classics takes a closer look at the top five facts that many may not know.


The‘911’ was originally the ‘901’

The iconic Porsche 911 was initially introduced as the Porsche 901 at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show. However, due to a trademark dispute with Peugeot, which claimed rights to three-digit model numbers with a ‘0’ in the middle, Porsche subsequently changed the name to 911.

Hidden gems in the design

Porsche often includes subtle nods to its heritage and engineering excellence in the design of its cars. For example, the shape of the 911's rear window is a subtle tribute to the original 356's curved rear window. Another example is the hidden compartment behind the infotainment screen in some Porsche models, which pays homage to the air-cooled 911's front storage compartment design.

Unconventional Materials

Porsche isn't afraid to experiment with unconventional materials in its cars. For instance, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 features a magnesium roof, which helps lower the car's centre of gravity for improved handling. Additionally, some Porsche models offer carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) components, such as spoilers and body panels, to reduce weight and enhance performance.

Every Porsche is tested at its limit

Before a Porsche model goes into production, it undergoes rigorous testing, including high-speed runs, extreme weather testing, and durability tests. What's unique is that every Porsche is tested at its top speed—whether it's a Boxster or a 911 Turbo—ensuring that each car can handle the demands of its original design specification.

Porsche's contribution to modern aerodynamics

Porsche has made significant contributions to automotive aerodynamics over the years. For example, the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 was one of the first production cars to feature a rear spoiler, which helped improve stability at high speeds. Additionally, Porsche's commitment to aerodynamic efficiency can be seen in features like the active rear spoiler on the 911, which automatically adjusts to optimize downforce and reduce drag.