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For many Porsche 911 enthusiasts there's a sweet spot in the model's history where classic meets contemporary, the result is a 911 that beautifully blends what came before with what would come next. That car is the second-generation 997.

Built at a time when Porsche could still be regarded as an independent sports car manufacturer – rather than a part of the gargantuan VW Group conglomerate – the 997's production life spanned from 2004 to 2013. However, it is in its revised, second-generation incarnation – from 2008 onwards – that it made real waves. Here Porsche gave us some of the most desirable 911 models of all time – cars that remain sought-after to this day by enthusiasts and collectors the world over.

"For many the 997 range was a spiritual successor to most Porsche experts’ favourite – the 993 of 1994 to 1998. Porsche used the same stylist, Tony Hatter, to create a clever update to the classic 993 style," says Paul Michaels of Hexagon Classics. "The breadth of the 997 range, from Carrera to Turbo S, gives buyers at all price points a good chance of owing their dream modern classic. And the size of the 997 is perfect for most drivers and passengers – bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to sports cars."

The 997 has long been regarded as the meeting point of the analogue Porsche world of the past with its digital automotive future. Bereft of intrusive computer systems but blessed with just the right level of convenience features to make everyday life comfortable, the 997.2 majors on good old-fashioned driver involvement, without the usual inherent worries that come with driving old cars. The build quality of the 997 range is unsurpassed.

Those who know this era of 911 intimately will herald the 997 GTS and GT products as being among the finest Porsche sports cars of all time, but no matter your budget, requirements or preference the entire second-generation 997 range offers a rewarding driving and owning experience unlikely to disappoint. Hexagon Classics has recently added to its range of 997.2 models, with a broad range of cars to suit every pocket.