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Five reasons why the 997.2 Porsche 911 should be on your wishlist

Hexagon Classics takes a closer look at the 997.2 Porsche 911 – the generation that is often referred to as the ‘sweet spot’ of modern 911s and identifies why it should be at the top of every ‘petrol-heads’ list.


The 997.2 is an exceptionally stylish car both inside and out. From the engine compartment lid louvres, upright headlights, and the bonnet cut line, the 997.2 is a very attractive car, whilst still paying homage to the original 911. The interior re-design was also a success, with a centre console touchscreen making its way into a 911 for the very first time.


Overhyped or not, the bane of a 997.1 generation Porsche 911 is the intermediate shaft (IMS) bearing, as the bearing is not replaceable without complete engine removal. While those flat-sixes have amongst the lowest failure rates of IMS-equipped water-cooled engines, the 997.1 is often dismissed in purchase decisions due to concerns raised by Porsche communities and enthusiasts. However, model year 2009 saw the launch of the 997.2 – which did away the IMS bearing and introduced direct-injection and Porsche’s PDK transmission as an option. The revised engines of the 997.2 were simpler designs with 40% fewer parts than its predecessor and are known to be reliable.


For the 997.2 generation, the standard 3.6-litre 997.2 Carrera engine’s power output increased to 345hp, whereas the Carrera S has an output of 385hp from its 3.8 litre flat six unit. The final edition GTS had a massive 408hp, matching the power output of the 993 Turbo. The 997.2 remained available as rear-wheel or four-wheel drive with a choice of transmissions. The 997.2 saw the introduction of the dual-clutch 7-speed PDK transmission – a giant leap over the Tiptronic gearbox from the previous generation, offering better fuel economy and faster acceleration. Despite ceasing production over a decade ago, the 997.2 still offers commendable performance when compared to many fast road cars of today.

Last of the mechanical 911

The 997.2 looks, feels and drives like a traditional Porsche 911. Despite technology like the optional PDK, active suspension, and advanced traction control, it’s still an old-school 911 with that desired analogue feeling. This makes the 997.2 the sweet spot for Porsche enthusiasts who are seeking a balance between a ‘old school’ 911 but with modern driver safety aids.

A sound investment

With its strong reliability and stunning looks, the 997.2 is without a shadow of a doubt a Porsche generation to watch out for in the future. Thanks to its better reliability and minimal technology intervention, Hexagon Classics' view is that the 997.2 is the last 911 that offers the perfect balance of minimal driver aids and great sports performance.

As an official Porsche dealer in the 1970’s, Hexagon Classics understand Porsches better than most. Many Hexagon employees have enjoyed long careers working with Porsche. This is why Hexagon specialises in low mileage, niche model cars with a particular focus on 997.2 variants.